Frequently Asked Questions

Bus Partner Japan is operated by EXCIA corporation which was established in 2000 and provide total car service such as Rental, Lease, Repair, Export & Import and Sales.
EXCIA web site ( http://excia.jp/english )
English operaters are in following offices

Tokyo Head office

Noda Brunch office

Narita Brunch office

Kenya Nairobi Brunch office













It depends on your county how soon we can ship.
Please let us your country and import port. we will inform you earliest shipping schedule.



Shipping needs following information

Exact consignee name, address and telephon number.
Consignee is the person who receive the bus.

Notify Party
Contact person at your import port. Usually it is your clearing agent or you.

Final Destination 
CFS code. (Container Freight Station)
Your clearing agent has code for CFS.

Address to be sent documennts
All documents such as Export Certificate, BL, etc are sent your desigated address after shipping. 

In case that you cancel purchasing before shipping, 10% of FOB or 200,000yen cancel fee would be requrired.
However, after shipping, we can’t accept your cancel and retrun your payment.
Our bus’s engine and electrical systems are inspected offcially every three months,
that’s why you don’t need to worry them.
Noticiable scratch, dent,  bad paint, rust and any damage are sent by photos and movie before your purchase.
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